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At Stroman Enterprises, our mission is to destroy debt in people’s lives which affects them not only financially but also spiritually, physically and emotionally.  We want to bring financial healing to America and show how this system is designed to keep people enslaved by financial parasites that are devastating our communities.


One of our main areas of concentration is the church.  Debt has been a major obstacle that stands in the way of the financial freedom that God desires for His people.  By mastering our finances we can be more effective by focusing on our purpose driven lives.  We will accomplish this through a series of financial clinics and seminars that will cover a gamut of financial topics such as credit education, our powerful debt elimination system, building wealth and preparing for retirement.  We will also focus on money personality, financial discipline, the prosperity mindset, and behavior relating to money.   


We are available to speak at national and regional conferences around the country.  We also conduct clinics and seminars for corporate America and various organizations that often have employees or members who cannot perform at their peak because of the cloud of debt that constantly overshadows them.


We desperately need financial self-defense to protect our churches, communities and businesses.  Remember, “Financial mastery equals peace of mind in our households.”  Call us today to begin your journey to financial freedom.



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